Raising Badass Feminist Kids (of all genders): A Parent Workshop

⇒What can you do to help girls to become “healthy resisters” in a culture that rewards passivity and compliance?

⇒What is “toxic masculinity,” and what can you do now to reduce its impact on boys?

⇒What relational tools can we begin using to encourage our children to stand up for and defend one another?

Can your girl say “no”…even if it makes someone mad?  Does your son understand “consent,” and why it’s important?  As the unfolding #MeToo/Time’s Up movement demonstrates, we are influenced by cultural expectations about gender roles that are established very early on in childhood–often in unconscious ways.  Only with intentional thought and action can these patterns be changed.  Whether you have an elementary-aged child or one in high school, this workshop will give you tools, information, and support to raise “badass feminist” kids: Young people who are respectful, self-respecting, aware and empowered, and who can break the cultural stereotyping that affects us all.

Date: Saturday, March 10, 4-6pm

Location: 176 Deland Ave., Columbus, OH 43214

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Workshop fee: $20 for individual or couple ($15 if you pay in advance)

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