As a writer and writing teacher, I’m interested in fostering creativity and in helping clients overcome their creative blocks.  Screenwriter and psychotherapist Dennis Palumbo opens Writing From the Inside Out with the question, “Do you treat your talent like you were treated as a child?”  In other words, do you shame and punish it, or approach it with compassion and tenderness?  When I read this, I realized that I hadn’t even thought of having a “talent” to even relate to — much less how I treated it.

But I think this is an excellent question, and can help anyone who relies on creativity for their livelihood explore what may be holding them back.  I believe a good working relationship with yourself is key to having a good relationship with creativity.  I’m also convinced that therapeutic tools such as EMDR — typically used to treat trauma — can be helpful for the writer or artist confronting creative blocks, or areas of “stuckness” in their work.  If you are struggling with any aspect of creativity in your life, I would love to help.

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