Parents of kids with ADHD know how challenging it is to live with attentional issues — especially when you’re in the same boat (it’s highly herditary). Morning and bedtime routines can be particularly tough for attentionally-challenged kids and parents. Same with homework and chores. And the conflicts that arise can wreak havoc on even the best relationships.

Did you know that ADHD looks different in girls than it does in boys?  Where boys often display hyperactive behaviors, more girls tend toward the inattentive type.  It affects them differently, too.  Girls with ADHD are more likely to develop depression and anxiety and to suffer from low-self esteem.  And girls with ADHD are more likely than other girls to develop eating disorders and self-harming behaviors.

I can help you set up their environments to foster competence and success, defuse family tensions, identify and build on their strengths, and deal with your own responses and executive functioning challenges. I’ve spent years researching the best ways to work with ADHD in the home and at school, and in 2013 started the ADD/ADHD Columbus Parents Facebook group, which now has over 200 members.  Our members are active and engaged, answering questions, offering support, and directing each other to resources.  Our listings of area specialists can be found here.

Make an appointment online today or call me at 614-407-4564 for more information.

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