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Project Runway: The Board Game!!

September 20, 2011 by rebecca

I was thinking about the old girl games we used to love — Who Shall I Be, The Dating Game, etc. — and sad that I couldnt find anything as sexist or limiting for my own children. Then it hit me: Project Runway, the board game! A quick Google search showed that, for some vast, unknown reason, this does not yet exist. So, we made one.

Are you a Christian or a Daniel Franco? Start in the work room, make your way through hair and makeup and survive the Fashion Graveyard to end up at Bryant Park! But be sure you have three judges cards, or youre OUT! Fashion mentor Tim Gunn will be there to help, and Past Contestants will either help you move up … or make a hot mess!

OK, we havent perfected it yet. But were getting there! Production starts as soon as we get some orders. Its how the girls will be putting themselves through school!


  1. Eileen says:

    What a great idea! And it’s already provided hours of fun in the production. Can we nominate our favorite contestants to be included?

  2. Abby the best cousin in the world says:

    We need to play that at Thanksgiving/Christmas!

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